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Actve is a newly founded platform, that helps fitness instructors create and publish online classes directly to their users while being able to earn revenue. It also allows fitness enthusiasts to find trainers in one place while letting them track their progress and personally connect with their trainers.

The brief was to create a fully interactive Figma prototype, that was a proof of concept, that could be taken to gain further investment and then be built into an MVP.

Actve – Working Session

Several focus groups with both trainers and fitness enthusiasts were conducted to find out the user's needs and pain points while ensuring that the platform was solving a core issue. These focus groups were vital as they helped us connect wants from both creator and consumer.

During this ideation phase, both businesses, user, and development times were considered to ensure the outcome we were solving the core problem while making sure the build and cost effort could be minimum.

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In order to create a fully interactive prototype, we created a design system that heavily used Figma's variant feature. This allowed for a lightweight system, that could create micro-interactions within the prototype, making the platform feel alive.

The overall look and feel focused on the creator's content, so the UI was kept to a minimum, while the interactions and animation were added throughout.

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As the platform is catering to two user types (creator & consumer), we had to think both about how content was created and how it would be consumed.

The creator experience focused heavily on data, a request from the fitness creators, the dashboard being a key area that would allow creators to get a quick overview of their income and viewership.

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A key insight from our focus group showed that creators felt worried that they wouldn't be able to create compelling content. We decided that the creator experience would feel as if we were holding their hand at every stage, giving them the tools to create the best content possible.

"Working with Sam as our Lead Product Designer was a game-changer for Actve. Sam's exceptional design skills and strategic thinking elevated our product to new heights. His ability to understand and bring our vision to life was truly impressive. I'd highly recommend Sam to any company looking for a top-notch product designer."

- Jack Peagam, CEO & Founder of Actve

Project Outcomes

User-tested concept

Growing interactive design system

Fully interactive Figma prototype

Successfully funded

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